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About Savvy School

What if there was an experiential, fun, health & sexuality education program for young people that emphasized self-respect, consent, and how to build strong relationships?


Our classes are designed for small groups of young people. We emphasize developmentally appropriate topics and issues for each age group. 


Classes are experiential in nature but we cheerfully welcome introverts as well as extroverts. We have discussions, engage in interactive and multimedia activities exploring changing bodies, sexuality, feelings about growing older, understanding our own boundaries, gender identity and sexual orientation,  communication skills, and navigating consent. 

We believe self-esteem can be nurtured in young people by caring adults who provide them with information and tools to develop self-awareness in order to create and maintain healthy relationships. 

We also offer classes in a weekly format, and online. For more information, check out the events section of our website to see our current offerings. For a program tailored to your specific needs please contact us. 



Elizabeth Greenblatt (she/her)

Elizabeth Greenblatt has been teaching about sexuality for over 25 years. Elizabeth found her passion at 14 years old, when she helped to organize fellow students to expand their school’s sex education curriculum beyond Abstinence Only. After graduating with a specialized major in Human Sexuality from Ithaca College, Elizabeth continued working as a community health educator and education manager at Planned Parenthood in northern California for 12 years, earning her MPH from San Francisco State. Working with the Sea Change Program to fight stigma, Elizabeth worked on the first stigma scale for young parents and helped to create a storytelling card game that increased connection and fostered conversations about sexuality. Elizabeth is excited to share her knowledge and experience through workshops with the community.

Our Mission

Susanrachel "Birdie" Condon (she/her)


Susanrachel Condon, a.k.a. Birdie, graduated from the SUNY Brooklyn Midwifery Program in 1998. She has been an anatomy professor since 1991 and teaches and counsels about sexual health to individuals across the lifespan. She holds a BFA in Art Therapy, an MA in Women’s Studies/History of Ideas and has studied birth counseling and counseling for pregnant survivors of sexual abuse. She received her doctorate in midwifery at Jefferson University in Philadelphia, studying the long term impact of conventional maternity care practices on mental health and well being. She is the owner of Midlife Midwife and co-owner of its sister practice River & Mountain Midwives, which provides maternity care and home birth services throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley.

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