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Sex Savvy Hudson Valley can provide more in-depth support coaching over Zoom or phone. We create a non-judgmental space for families to explore their values.


In a society that avoids talking about sexuality, it can be challenging to understand your own values, beliefs, and ways you want to communicate with your children. Many resources exist to help support families in communicating about sexuality, and it can be overwhelming to try and find the ones that best match your values.  We are here to support you as you think through these topics. We structure each session based on the needs of the family. We will help you think through questions, provide curated resources and follow up tasks to help you reach your goals. 



For individuals who want to explore more about their sexuality in a judgement free space, we can provide in-depth time over Zoom to learn more about communication, desire, and sexual health. Each person creates the goals for the meeting, and we help guide and support you through the process. We provide resources and follow up to help support you in your goals. 

Have a quick question?

We can provide a shorter session for 25 min, rate is a sliding scale of $25-$35.


Longer Sessions

For folks that want to dive deeper into their questions/goals, a 60 minute session sliding scale rate is $65-$120.




Interested in booking a session?

email: elizabeth(dot)greenblatt (at)gmail(dot)com

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